The Sorcerer’s Cave game was created by Terence Peter Donnelly in the 1970’s. The game provided a fantasy adventure set in an imagined underground complex of caves and tunnels, and was noteworthy for:

  • Minimal set up time.
  • A modular, randomly generated map.
  • No requirement for one player to take on the role of “Dungeon Master”.
  • Playing equally well in multiplayer, solo and cooperative modes.

This is a fan site dedicated to promoting and keeping alive the Sorcerer’s Cave card game.

IMPORTANT – the conversion kit is not a complete game. Copyright on the game remains with the game’s author/estate, who have NOT endorsed this site. Images reproduced in the header of this site are assumed to be an instance of Fair Use, since there is no other way to explain visually what this site is about. The material in the downloadable files is comprised of  fan-made assets, intended for non-commercial, personal use only by people who either already own the original game, or have obtained a copy of the rules from the official download site at:


The Conversion Kit was conceived by Peter Vodden in 2019. It provides replacement assets for the cards and tokens that came with the game. New artwork replaces the original tunnels and caverns with an “old-school” style underground dungeon of passageways and chambers. The new small cards are also fully illustrated.